Correcting Field 01-L with Period BlankThis figure illustrates the correction of State code Field 01-L when a foreign address is present. It has a sample of the error register Field 01-K and 01-L. The error register part of this figure shows the following example in Section 01, Field 01K and 01-L. It reads:If there is no state code because the address is a foreign address, enter a period (.) in Field 01-LAction Code 6 is edited to the left of the section number.Section number 01 is at the beginning of the section 01 field designators.Giza+*L +A period blank is edited above field designator letter L. The bottom half of this figure displays a completed Form 8288, U.S. Withholding Tax Return for Certain Dispositions by Foreign Persons.Top quarter of Form 8288 U.S. Withholding Tax Return for Certain Dispositions by Foreign Persons.Line 1a, Name of buyer or other Transferee responsible for withholding. See instructions: Mr. Oak AshLine 1b US TIN: 00-0202020Line 1c Street address, apt., or suite no., or rural route. Do not use P O Box: 30, Cedar PathLine 1d City or Town, State, and Zip Code: Tamarisk, Giza, 43210 EgyptLine 2 Description and location of property acquired: Empty Lot - 5864, Herring FallsLine 2 Row 2: Tamarisk, Giza, 43210 Egypt