Correcting Foreign Address Field 01JThis figure illustrates the correction of Field 01-J on the error register when the address is too long. It has the entity part of Form 8288, Part I, Line 2, and a sample of the error register Field 01J.The Form 8288 entity part reads: Ash and Co as the transferee's name on Line 1a.00-1234567 as the transferee's EIN at the end of Line 1b.Petunia Orchid 18881 Yellow Melon Sycamore 5 as the street address on Line 1c.A54321 Munich as the city on Line 1d.Germany as the country on Line 1d, after the city name.The error register part of this figure shows the following example in Section 01, Field 01I and 01J. Field 01I reads: 01... I Petunia Orchid 18881+and Field 01J reads:Yellow Melon Sycamore 5+...When the address is more than 35 characters, divide the address roughly in half and put the first part into Field 01-I and the second part into Field 01J. If it is necessary to abbreviate, be careful.