W&I Form 4700 Template[Today’s Date] – TE’s Name – PC XXXX CORRESPONDENCE RECEIVED:Reply received date(s): [Date] TP submitted: [Corr. list] TELEPHONE CONTACT: We called the TP on [Date] at [Time] and [results of the call].No call warranted due to [Reason]. Additional phone number(s): 509-555-3456 Address Change: No POA: Name, Address, Phone #, CAFRESEARCH: IDRS/Research conducted and Findings. Reiterate in your determination what issues were allowed based on your research of the IDRS command codes. For example, “DDBKD verified relationship to the dependent.” Additional pertinent information, including 3rd party database research. Include the SSN, DOB and name of each dependent claimed on the return if it is germane to the audit.PRIOR YEAR AUDIT: [Yes] [No] CONCLUSION: SEID – Reference the reason for the continued disallowance of all proposed adjustments/issues & state what additional information is needed. Then state next step/action taken – i.e. We are sending a Letter 525/692, Form 4549 & Form 886-A dated (Mail out date) or Sending to 5600 (90-Day) for Stat Notice. Or if the case is closed No Change, state the reason for the allowance. Or if the case is being closed Agreed – state per signed Form 4549 rec’d [Date].