Advise TP: Process/Rights (separate issue/include only when it doesn’t auto-populate):Pre-audit: Date - Advise taxpayer of examination process and appeal rights. Receipt of publication 3498-A, The Examination Process. Power of Attorney considered. SEID - Date – TE’s Name - PC XXXX: Taxpayer notices and publications sent with [insert letter]. Considered Penalties Conclusion: SEID – Date - TE’s Name - PC XXXX: The following are guidelines for completing workpapers: The workpaper documentation reflects consideration of all applicable penalties. In Campus Correspondence Exam applicable penalties are typically FTF/FTP, Estimated tax (limited to Separate to Joint and original returns), Negligence and Substantial Understatement penalties. Examiners are required to document the procedures used, information obtained, and conclusions reached in deciding to assert or not assert applicable penalties during examinations. Standard statements such as "penalty deemed not to be applicable" are not sufficient when adjustments proposed by an examiner result in an underpayment of tax or denial of a claim for refund or credit. The Negligence Penalty and Substantial Understatement Penalty will indicate a reference to the lead sheet whenever the lead sheet is required. When the lead sheet is required, the workpaper can provide a summary conclusion since the detailed decision making process is documented on the lead sheet. (If EITC is an Issue :) EITC Ban Not Asserted (this issue auto populates when EITC is on the Return Set-Up): Conclusions: SEID - Date – TE’s Name - PC XXXX: IRC §32(k) (1) (B) (ii) - EIC 2 Year Ban considered, but not asserted. TP does not have a prior Audit History. TP has not shown an intentional disregard for IRS rules & regulations by claiming the Earned