Category C Change ChecklistCategory C Change Checklist, page 1 of 4Check box (blank field). Section title - Description of Initiative: Ensure you thoroughly address the purpose of the organizational change. This justification can be extracted from form 15012, Wage and Investment Request for Organizational Change. Include or address the following:How change will enhance mission?Does change align with the Strategic Plan?Address if change will improve organizational goals and objectives, efficiencies.Will the change save money or is it cost effective?Clearly address business need and the expected outcomes.Check box (blank field). Section title - Justification (of Proposed Changes): This description can also be extracted from form 15012. Management should clearly describe the following:Explain the differences between proposed change, address the current and proposed structure.State the advantages of the proposed change. Address all position management concerns such as the span of control, authorized staffing patterns (ASP) and allocationsHighlight advantages of the proposed changeExplain if change improve accountability, eliminated duplication or address if it impacted customers and/or internal or external stakeholdersCheck box (blank field). Section title - Current Structure(s): Management must describe the current structure(s) of the organization(s) impacted by the proposed change. Please address the following:Include the current number of positions, including vacancies, within the impacted organizations(s)Number of bargaining and/or non-bargaining employeesNote: This section will need to clearly describe the current organizational structures and comprehensive position listings that will be included as attachments.Example: The current XYZ (Business or Organizational Unit) high-level organizational structure is outlined in Attachment A. There is currently a total of XXX positions, including XXX vacancies, within the XYZ organization. There are XXX bargaining unit and XXX non-bargaining unit employees within the XYZ organization. A detailed organizational structure, which includes a comprehensive listing of the occupations and grade level currently with the XYZ organization is outlined in Attachment B.Check box (blank field). Section title - Proposed Structure(s): In this section management must describe the proposed structure(s) of the organization(s) impacted by the proposed change. Please address the following:Describe the new and /or impacted organizational structuresAddress the types of positions, changes in span of control, any impact on authorized staffing patternsCapture if there are any increases or decreased in employee, manager or executive positions, changes in reporting requirements, etc.