Line 6c With Supporting DocumentationThis figure shows the editing of line 6c on Form 8804. Supporting documentation, Form 1042-S is also present in the illustration which shows a total withholding amount of $450. This substantiates the total Section 1446 tax withholding claimed. Partial second page of Form 8804 is also present, and Line 6c reads: “Section 1446 tax paid or withheld by another partnership in which the partnership identified on line 1a was a partner during the tax year (enter only amounts reported on Form(s) 1042-S and attach the Form(s) 1042-S to Form 8804).” Line 6c of Form 8804 shows an amount of $450.This figure also shows the following information on Form 1042-S, Page 1, Lines 1 through 13l. The following information appears on these lines:Line 1: 27Line 2: 1500Line 3: 3Line 3b: .30Line 5: 450Line 6: 1050Line 7a: 450Line 7b: “X”Line 10: 450Line 13e: 00-1234567Line 13f: 16Line 13l: 19510703