TRANSFER ALERT CHECKSHEETThe attached case was opened by the (insert Campus name here) Campus Correspondence Exam and transferred to the (Insert area office) Area Field Exam per request by taxpayer, or POA on (insert date).TIN (insert TIN) - Tax Year(s) (insert tax year(s)Project Code (insert project code) - ASED (insert ASED)Please Check:1) Is there 13 months remaining on the ASED? - Yes - Noa) If No, the case cannot be transferred!2) Was the ASED extended with a valid Form 872? - Yes - No - N/Aa) If Yes, is the Form 872 in the case file and signed? - Yes3) Was any frozen refund released? - Yes - No - N/Aa) If no, the case cannot be transferred!4) Was a Statutory Notice of Deficiency (SNOD) issued? - Yes - No - N/Aa) If Yes indicate date of notice (insert date).i) A copy of the SNOD must be included in the case file.b) If Yes, was SNOD rescinded? - Yes - No - N/Ai) If Yes, what is the date of rescission? (Insert date)A copy of the rescission must be included in the case file.ii) If no, the case cannot be transferred!5) Was Letter 555 issued to taxpayer? - Yes - No - N/Aa) If Yes, a copy of the Letter 555 must be included in the case file.6) Minimum requirements for transferring a return, is any of the following are No, you cannot transfer the return.a) Is the original return, RTVUE, MACS, or MeF print in the case file? - Yes - Nob) Workpapers & documents from taxpayer in case file? - Yes - Noc) Written Request for Transfer? - Yes - No d) Completed Form 3185? - Yes - Noe) Letter 528 to taxpayer? - Yes - NoReviewed by Campus Management (insert name or initials) - Date (insert date)