Credit Limit Worksheet B—Continued

Credit Limit Worksheet B—Continued

This is the second page of the Credit Limit Worksheet B.

"10. 1040 and 1040-SR filers. Enter the total of the amounts from Form 1040 or Form 1040-SR, line 27a and Schedule 3, line 11. 1040-NR Filers. Enter the amount from Form 1040-NR, Schedule 3, line 11."field
"11. Subtract line 10 from line 9. If the result is zero or less, enter -0-."field
"12. Enter the larger of line 5 or line 11."field
"13. Enter the smaller of line 2 or line 12."field
"14. Is the amount on line 13 of this worksheet more than the amount on line 1?"
"No. Subtract line 13 from line 1. Enter the result."checkbox
"Yes. Enter -0-."checkbox
Next, figure the amount of any of the following credits that you are claiming.
  • Mortgage interest credit, Form 8396.

  • Adoption Credit, Form 8839.

  • Residential Energy Efficient Property Credit, Form 5695, Part I.

  • District of Columbia first-time homebuyer credit, Form 8859.

Then, go to line 15.
"15. Enter the total of the amounts from Form 8396, line 9, and; Form 8839, line 16, and; Form 5695, line 15, and; Form 8859, line 3."field
"Enter this amount on line 4 Credit Limit Worksheet A"