Commissioner Chuck Rettig’s Holiday Message for IRS Employees - YouTube video text script

Chuck:  Hello, I'm Chuck Rettig. I'm here today with my wife Tam.

Tam:  Hi everyone.

Chuck:    I asked Tam to join me today to help express our appreciation to each of you for your extensive efforts throughout the year and to thank you for your support as we navigated my first year on board at the IRS. You have each been exceptional and we are truly grateful for the opportunity to have met so many of you. We want you to enjoy the holiday season and the new year. Spend time with your friends and families and appreciate all life has to offer.

Tam:   Well, I'm glad to be here today. Our family is proud to be part of this journey with each of you. We know Chuck is privileged for this opportunity to work with you and he won't let you down. You are not only important to the future of the IRS, but to us. Our life experiences shape who we are and our vision of wanting to help others. As you know, Chuck talks a lot and he is constantly bragging about the strength of the employees, wherever we go. He wants you to be proud to work for the IRS; He wants to improve your work life and your personal life; He wants you to have career opportunities at the IRS; He wants people to respect the IRS and every IRS employee; and he feels the responsibility of the IRS to help the underserved communities in our country.

Chuck:   Absolutely. This will be our second holiday season in D.C. We appreciate being among family and friends and I'd like to remind you that holidays aren't always special for those who are alone, those who are homeless or perhaps those who are serving our country at home or abroad. If you have the opportunity, please reach out to those less fortunate during the holiday season. A smile or a nod can make a difference for others.

Speaker 1:   As a military family, we truly appreciate each of the veterans at the IRS, their families and those who are serving around the world, especially during this holiday season.

Tam:    You are right Chuck, the holidays are a special time with family and friends to create lasting memories together.

Chuck:  In closing, a special thank you to each of you. You are special and you appreciate our mission on behalf of this country. We have accomplished a lot and we face many challenges ahead, but we will move forward together. Thank you for all that you do.

Chuck and Tam:   From our family to yours. We wish you a happy and healthy holiday season. Thank you.

Chuck and Tam:      From our family to yours. We appreciate, we wish you a happy and healthy holiday season. That's what I said, oops.