Customer Service Reskilling Academy


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If you answered yes to any or all the questions above, make sure you apply for the new IRS Reskilling Academy.

What is the Reskilling Academy?

The Reskilling Academy will offer a series of training and development opportunities for employees to gain the skills needed to qualify for higher graded positions across the Service. In the Reskilling Academy employees will have the opportunity for hands-on training for continuing careers in Customer Service Representative or Tax Examining positions in Business Units other than Submission Processing.  The curriculum will include a mixture of direct and virtual instruction, hands-on learning and application, and periodic assessments to track participants’ learning success. Additionally, Academy participants will receive career mentorship and Fundamental skills training and guidance to help them prepare for re-deployment into the workforce. Participants successfully completing the program will receive a formal certification and be placed in continuing positions. 

Who may apply?

Any Fresno employees at grade levels 2, 3, 4.

Who do I contact for help or questions regarding the Reskilling Academy?

Email us at If you are at home, please provide your home contact information (full name, personal email address and phone number) and let us know the best method (email or phone) and time to contact you.

Contact Representative & Tax Examiner (Customer Service Reskilling Academy)

  • 12 Month Roster
  • Open & closing dates: 08/14/2020 to 06/16/2021