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(ASL) - YouTube video text script - Earned Income Tax Credit - 2016

Hi, I’m Nico, and I work for the IRS.

One in five eligible workers overlooks an important tax credit that can boost their finances.

It’s the Earned Income Tax Credit or EITC.

You may qualify for it if you worked any part of last year and earned low-to-moderate income.

The amount you get depends on your income, family size and other factors.

Families with qualifying children can get thousands of dollars with their tax refund.  

Individuals with no children may also qualify, though for a smaller amount.

So if you earned low-to-moderate income from wages, you owned your own business, or a farm, see if you qualify for the Earned Income Tax C redit.

Go to and use the EITC Assistant.

Then, file an accurate tax return to claim the EITC.

But watch out for errors on your return that could delay your refund, or even cause your claim for the EITC to be denied.

When you’re eligible for the credit, it’s important to get it, and to get it right.    

You can file your return for free using brand-name tax preparation software at

Or you can get free tax preparation at a volunteer site near you.

Just go to That’s VITA, and use one of the locator tools.

If you decide to use a paid tax professional, make sure you pick someone you can trust to file an accurate return.  

You can get more tips for choosing one at

And remember, you are legally responsible for what’s on your return no matter who filled it out for you.

To learn more about the Earned Income Tax Credit and how to claim it, go to