Employee Frequently Asked Questions - Miscellaneous


If IRS employees are contacted by investigators for interviews during the shutdown, they should inform the investigator that they are currently in furlough status, and request that the investigation be rescheduled for another time after the shutdown is over. Per OPM, it is appropriate to request rescheduling while in furlough/shutdown status.

Contact the NFC Contact Center via telephone at 1-855-632-4468.

1. Access EPP at https://www.nfc.usda.gov/personal.
2. Click the Forgot Your Password? link located under the log in fields.
3. Click Request Password by E-mail.
4.  Enter your EPP user ID and DOB and click Continue.
5.  Correctly answer two security questions and click Continue.
6.  Select one of the email addresses you have established in EPP to send the temporary password to or click Add/Change EPP Work E-mail.
7.  If you cannot answer your security questions correctly, select one of the emails you have established.
8.  Click Continue. You will receive a message that your temporary password was emailed to you.

If unable to complete these steps, contact the NFC Contact Center via telephone at 1-855-632-4468.