Employee Frequently Asked Questions - Payroll


Notice: Historical Content

This is an archival or historical document and may not reflect current law, policies or procedures.

OFP code 990-59300 is administrative time normally used by employees in a work status that are performing duties not directly related to their position, such as attending town hall meetings, completing surveys, etc. Because these miscellaneous types of duties don't fall within the strict definition of excepted activities, they should not be

Exempt and Excepted personnel will continue working during the furlough and should continue to post time worked to their usual OFP codes unless directed otherwise. Please review SETR Alert 2019-001.

Memphis Payroll Center is only accepting T&A correction requests for excepted employees for Pay Period 22 if you need to correct intermittent furlough hours (i.e, work time to furlough). The requests will be reviewed for accuracy prior to processing.

W-2s for 2018 have been uploaded and are available on the Employee Personal Page (EPP) on the NFC website. W-2s will also be mailed to employee’s address of record. The cutoff for the pay year for 2018 was pay period 25/2018.  W-2s will not be affected by the shutdown as the back pay will be paid in the 2019 pay year.

​No, there will not be any ill effect to your health insurance coverage during a shutdown.

No, unless a budget or continuing resolution is passed, employees will not be paid.

Please refer to SETR Alert 2018-046. Review the 5th paragraph.

Yes. However, any Overtime, Compensatory Time, or Credit Hours worked by an employee on Friday, 12/21 or Saturday, 12/22 (including Lapse Coordinators) that was not posted in SETR, should be submitted on a corrected T&A request in SETR for Pay Period 25.

An employee already in Leave Without Pay (LWOP) status is not required to perform shutdown procedures. ​Employees on extended LWOP before and during the furlough period should input their time using the appropriate LWOP OFP code. Employees on LWOP due to suspension should continue to post the time as LWOP to OFP code 990-59845. (Suspension)