YouTube video text script - FATCA - Registration Part 4: Submitting Your Registration


If you are Lead, Single, Member or Sponsoring Entity Financial Institution, this video will show you how to submit your FATCA Registration.

Part 4 of the Registration is displayed only after you have completed all other required sections.

You must submit your Registration in order for it to be processed.  

If you need to edit the Registration, click on the “My Home Page” link and from your home page, click on the “Registration - Edit/Complete/Submit” link under Account Options.

Before you submit the Registration, you should carefully consider the instructions to Form 8957 (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act Registration).

Click the checkbox for the agreement to verify the Registration.

Type in your name.

Click on the “Submit” button.

The Submit Registration – Next Steps page confirms that you’ve submitted the Registration.

The Registration will not be effective until it has been processed by the IRS.

You will receive updates on your account status via email and on the message board on your home page.

To go to your home page, click the “OK” button.

Remember, you can go back and edit your Registration at any time, by clicking on the Registration - Edit/Complete/Submit link under Account Options from your home page.

This concludes a demonstration of how a Lead, Single, Member or Sponsoring Entity Financial Institution submits a Registration.

For further information, see the videos on completing Parts 1, 2, and 3 of the Registration.

You’ll find more information on the FATCA website, at /fatca.