IRS Commissioner: What to Expect at Tax Time (ASL) - YouTube video text script


Hi, I’m John Koskinen.  I'm commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service, and I’m here today to talk with you about the Affordable Care Act.
Most people, when they file their taxes for 2014, won't get any new information in the mail.  
However, those who bought insurance policies through the Health Insurance Marketplace will receive a statement from the Marketplace about the policy, and, if they received advance payments of the premium tax credit, that information will be reflected in the statement as well.  
The 1040 income tax return will have a few additional lines.  For the vast majority of people, they'll simply check a box that indicates they had health insurance coverage throughout the year.  There will be a line for those making the shared responsibility payment if they were required to have insurance and did not purchase it.  There will be a line for taxpayers to claim the premium tax credit, and there will be a line for them to make an adjustment if there were excessive payments made in advance on the premium tax credit on their behalf.  
There will be new forms, but most taxpayers won't have to fill any of them out.  One of them allows taxpayers to report or request exemptions from the Affordable Care Act.  The other form allows taxpayers to claim the premium tax credit or to reconcile advance payments that were made of the premium tax credit.  
The health care coverage exemption form allows taxpayers either to report an exemption they've already been given by the Health Insurance Marketplace or to request an exemption when they file their tax return.  The form is filed with their tax return, and if anyone needs additional information, they can go to our website at  
The premium tax credit form allows a taxpayer either to claim the premium tax credit or to reconcile advance payments made on the taxpayer's behalf of the premium tax credit during the year.
People can find out more information about the Affordable Care Act at our website,, which is also available in Spanish.  If they want general information, they can go to