IRS EITC in 2021 - YouTube video text script


f you didn't make a lot of money last year, you might be able to claim the Earned Income Tax Credit when you file your taxes. You don't need to have any children to qualify, but if you do, the credit can be worth several thousand dollars. To qualify:

Your income must fall within certain limits. New this tax season. You may choose to use your 2019 earned income to figure your EITC if it was more than your 2020 earned income.

Unemployment benefits are not earned income and can't be used to claim the EITC. But they are taxable income and may affect the amount of EITC a person may get.

You must have a valid Social Security number.

You must be a US citizen or a resident alien all year.

Also, you can use any filing status except married filing separately.

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