Need More Time to File or Pay Taxes? - YouTube video text script

If you owe taxes… but can't pay in full by the April deadline… you should file your tax return anyway.

Pay as much as you can and request an installment agreement for the rest.

That's because an extension of time to file is not an extension of time to pay.

However… if you need more time to prepare your federal tax return…

you can request an extension by filing Form 4868 through IRS Free File… your tax software or your tax preparer.

Or you can also get a filing extension by making an electronic payment at IRS-dot-gov-slash-payments and selecting Form 4868 or "extension" as the payment type.

The extension will get you six more months to complete your tax return… usually until October 15th.

For more information on getting an extension… go to IRS-dot-gov-slash-extension.

Even if you cannot pay… you want to file your return or get an extension because if not… you could face a failure-to-file penalty.

As you can see… you can easily avoid that penalty.

Now… about making the rest of your tax payments… you can set up an online payment plan with us at IRS-dot-gov-slash-payments.