Security Summit Identity Theft Tips Overview - YouTube video text script


Three good tips for taxpayers are to make sure that you have virus protection on your system, that you have a good strong reliable security system and that you know who in fact you are communicating with.

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When a taxpayer calls and says they got an email that offers them something free that's too good to be true, it's too good to be true.

Don't open it.

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Well, when shopping online we know criminals are really good at mimicking legitimate websites.

So you always want to make sure you're on a legitimate website that is encrypted.

You want to look at the top window and you want it to say "https."

That "s"stands for "secure."

So every page should have HTTPS in the very top window so that site is secure before entering any personal information into the online system

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Sure.  So for people's standard routine, especially now that we're not getting stuff through the mail anymore, through snail mail, they really need to think about going regularly to their online accounts, they're banking account, their insurance account, their health insurance claims and making sure that all that activity looks familiar to them.

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