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Tax identity theft is the fastest growing crime in America and none of us can solve this problem alone.

Therefore we've come together with state revenue departments, the entire tax industry to work together to solve this problem.

There are a number of things that taxpayers can do to help protect their own data and they're very very simple things, like changing your passwords, not using the same password for every online account that you access, protecting your information, not giving out your social security number and being more judicious about how much information you post on Facebook.

Things like that really go a long ways towards helping protect your own personal information. 

In addition to the efforts were taking on with this coalition we need the individual taxpayer to be a part of the solution as well.

The individual has to ensure that protecting their own information.

We said they should treat it like cash:  don't leave it lying around.

At the same time, always understand that if one of us is reaching out to you, and one of us being either the IRS the state or an individual tax preparer, we will NEVER berate you and badger you ever the phone.

You should always challenge, if someone's asking you for information you're uncomfortable with,  
just take the phone number, hang up and call back and you will find many times that is not any one of us.

The IRS, industry and states are asking you to join us in the fight against tax-related identity theft. 

Taxes, security, together.

Join us.

Go to and type in "identity theft" in the search box.