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Where Taxpayers With Disabilities Can Find Online Help from the IRS (ASL) - YouTube video text script

FEMALE Voice Over:

It’s Tax Time Again!

With Lex the Service Dog.

[Audio Description:  A male service dog primps by licking his paw and smoothing his hair, he answers using American Sign Language]

LEX (Uses in American Sign Language): Lucy?

LUCY: Hi, Lex.  

I need your help.

LEX: Is that bulldog Bruno chasing you again?

LUCY: No! Well, a little, but never mind that.

My owner is visually impaired, and she needs help with her federal taxes.

LEX: You’ve come to the right dog!

I happen to know the IRS has lots of accessible tax information online for people with disabilities.  

Let me show you.  

Go to and locate the “Accessibility” link.

The Accessibility page is your gateway to hundreds of valuable tax products:  in Braille and Text, Accessible PDF, Large Print, and HTML.  

You can also find videos in American Sign Language, resources for veterans with disabilities, tax assistance, information about tax benefits, and more.  

LUCY:   WOW! has a lot of information!

But where should my owner start?  

LEX:   I’d say the page of Disability-Related Tax Products.  

Here you’ll find lots of  helpful publications, including “Tax Highlights for Persons with Disabilities.”  

She can access the latest information through IRS social media.

There’s an IRS2Go app for smart phones; YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr.   

LUCY:   Lex, you’re terrific!

LEX:   Thanks.  

But what’s really terrific is what the IRS provides people with disabilities.  


LEX: Is that Bruno?

LUCY:   I’ve gotta go!  

See you at the dog park, Lex.  


Oh! And thanks!  

[Audio Description:  Lex waves]

LEX: Tax time just might be my favorite time of  year.

[Audio Description:]