You don’t need a permanent address or bank account to get an Economic Impact Payment

April 22, 2021

You don't need a permanent address, a bank account or even a job to get Economic Impact Payments. You qualify for this money if you have a Social Security number and are not being supported by someone else who can claim you as a dependent.

If you're eligible and haven't received your payment, file a 2020 tax return, even if you don't usually file. This will give the IRS information needed to send you a payment. If you're experiencing homelessness you may list the address of a friend, relative or trusted service provider, such as a shelter, drop-in day center or transitional housing program, on your tax return.

If you missed either of the first two payments you can still get them by filing a 2020 tax return and claiming the Recovery Rebate Credit. Your credit will be included in your tax refund. The IRS will send you any third EIP amount you are eligible for separately after your return has been processed.

Use IRS Free File to file your return and choose direct deposit.

Don't have an account? Visit the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation website or the National Credit Union Administration locator for details on opening a low- or no-cost account online.

Many reloadable prepaid cards or mobile payment apps also have account and routing numbers that you can provide to the IRS to get your payments.

Visit for details.