EITC Due Diligence Training Module

Preparers suggested IRS develop an on-line training module for EITC eligibility and meeting due diligence requirements. The IRS listened and developed a training module for use this filing season. The module contains interactive scenarios walking preparers through examples of applying the due diligence requirements. After completing the module, there is a test.  If you pass the test, you can print out a certificate of completion! Additionally, enrolled agents can earn Continuing Professional Education credit by completing the module and passing the test.


Follow these easy steps to access the module:  

  • New users should register by filing in all fields in the Register box located in the lower left corner of the module welcome page.
  • Returning users should enter their email address and password in the login box located at the top left of the module welcome page.
  • If a returning user forgets their login information, they can click on the "I forgot my login information" link directly below the password field in the login box. An email will be sent to the users email account with log-in information.  Please Note:  We respond to your request to reset your password by an email from eitc.program@irs.gov.  Please set your Junk mail or SPAM filter to accept email from eitc.program@irs.gov or the irs.gov domain. Our security settings will not allow us to register our email address through your provider.


Click here to access the training


Last updated: 1/12/2010