Form 2106-EZ Unreimbursed Employee Business Expenses 2015

Summary: This is an example of Form 2106-EZ (2015) with items included as described in the text. Additionally, these line items are completed:

Your name” field contains John E. White
Occupation in which you incurred expenses” field contains Minister
Social security number” field contains 011-00-2222
Under“Part I: Figure Your Expenses”:
1. Vehicle expense using the standard mileage rate. Complete Part II and multiply line 8a by 57.5 cents (.575)” Field contains 1,595
4. Business expenses not included on lines 1 through 3. Do not include meals and entertainment.” field contains 231
6. Total expenses. Add lines 1 through 5. Enter here and on Schedule A (Form 1040), line 21 (or on Schedule A (Form 1040NR, line 7)). Armed Forces reservists, fee-basis state or local government officials, qualified performing artists, and individuals with disabilities: See the instructions for special rules on where to enter this amount.)” field contains 1,406 with an asterisk indicating footnote. Footnote: See attached statement.
Under“Part II: Information on Your Vehicle”:
7. When did you place your vehicle in service for business use? (month, day, year)” field contains 7/15/2011
8. Of the total number of miles you drove your vehicle during 2015, enter the number of miles you used your vehicle for:
a. Business” field contains 2,774
b. Commuting” field contains 0
c. Other” field contains 4,963
9. Do you (or your spouse) have another vehicle available for personal use?” “Yes” box checked
10. Was your vehicle available for personal use during off-duty hours?” “Yes” box checked
11a. Do you have evidence to support your deduction?” “Yes” box checked
11b. If Yes, is the evidence written?” “Yes” box checked