Address to File Applications for 403(b) Pre-approved Plans


Please send your applications for 403(b) pre-approved plans to:

Internal Revenue Service
Attn:  Pre-Approved Plans Coordinator
Room 5106, Group 7521
P.O. Box 2508
Cincinnati, OH 45201-2508
Express Mail or a delivery service:

Internal Revenue Service
Attn: Pre-approved Plans Coordinator
550 Main Street
Room 5106, Group 7521                                
Cincinnati, OH 45202

Please note that the addresses in both Revenue Procedures 2013-22 and 2015-8 aren’t correct.

Application reminders

  • 403(b) pre-approved plan applications are due by April 30, 2015.
  • Review the instructions in Revenue Procedures 2014-28, 2013-22 and the 403(b) List of Required Modifications. A modified 403(b) LRM is currently in clearance, but if you file prior to when we issue it, you’ll still have an opportunity to adjust your plan language once it is available.
  • Use separate checks for each type of filing. For example, send one check for volume submitter lead plans, another check for volume submitter word-for-word adopters and another check for non-mass volume submitter, etc.
  • Review Revenue Procedure 2015-8 for the appropriate user fees.