EP Compliance Trends and Tips - Compliance Activities - Applicable Issues

  • The Written Document
    This section discusses issues found within the plan document, participation agreements, annuity contracts and the problem of not following the terms of the plan when administering plan provisions.
  • The Employees
    This portion involves how employees of the plan are being affected by faulty plan administration, including improper notifications of plan provisions and improperly being excluded from entry into the plan.
  • The Employer Contributions
    These are trends found involving employer contributions to the plan, including matching contributions, vesting and exceeding annual dollar limitations.
  • The Employee Contributions
    This section discusses the trends found involving employee contributions, mainly concerning the issue of salary deferrals.
  • Discrimination
    Trends and issues relating to potential discrimination problems, where highly compensated employees are getting a bigger benefit from the plan than non-highly compensated employees.
  • Distributions
    Issues include loans from plans, minimum required distributions and hardship distributions.