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EP Team Audit (EPTA) Program

The Employee Plans Team Audit (EPTA) program comprises examinations of large employer plans by a team of specialists that was born in the initial design of the restructuring of the IRS during 1998 and 1999. The EPTA Program became a permanent program within the Employee Plans Examinations function on October 1, 2003.

The IRS has developed some tools to assist you in understanding the EPTA Program and issues found during EPTA examinations.

  • EPTA Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
    These FAQs are designed to help employers (and their advisers) that are going through an Employee Plans Team Audit (EPTA) audit or are concerned about going through one in the future understand the process.
  • EPTA Trends and Tips
    The most common issues identified during EPTA audits, and tips on how to avoid these mistakes in your plan. These issues are identified by plan type as well as errors that are common in all plans.
  • Internal Controls Questionnaire
    Examples of questions asked by Employee Plans examiners to gain an understanding of the system procedures and internal controls.

    This product was developed with outside practitioner input in an effort to make plan sponsors and administrators understand the responsibilities and coordination needed to keep a qualified plan and trust in compliance with the tax laws. These documents are to be considered useful tools to assist you in keeping your plan in compliance with the law but the Service provides no guarantee, expressed or implied, as to the reliability or completeness of the furnished data.
  • Taxpayer Documentation Guide
    This guide, developed by EPTA agents and outside practitioners, provides a comprehensive listing of documents needed for a proper examination of issues identified for examination. This guide assists plan sponsors in determining the documents/information needed to be kept current and readily available or recoverable when requested for an audit.

    The Taxpayer Documentation Guide for EPTA and Large Case Revenue Agents (TDG) was developed solely to assist EP examiners in identifying certain data elements necessary to conduct an EP compliance examination of a large, complex taxpayer.

    The TDG does not have the effect of law, regulation or ruling and cannot be construed as official guidance nor can the data elements identified in the TDG be construed as the only elements or records necessary to meet the requirements of Section 6001 of the Internal Revenue Code, the underlying regulations, Revenue Rulings and Revenue Procedures, including Revenue Procedure 98-25 and Notice 99-1.

    To the extent allowable under applicable rules, taxpayers wishing to utilize the TDG, may retain and retrieve the data elements using paper or electronic media.

         -- Why retain records?
         -- How long should records be retained?
         -- What Records Should be Preserved for Access During an Audit?
  • PowerPoint Presentation
    About the EPTA progam.
  • EP Examinatons: Employee Plans Team Audit Video (6:30)
    The Director, Employee Plans and Director, Employee Plans Examinations share the latest information on the EPTA program.
  • Contact Information
    Contact names, addresses and telephone numbers for the five EPTA area groups.
  • Glossary of Terms
    Have you wondered what EPCRS, ATAT and SCP mean? Now you can find out by reviewing the EPTA Glossary for common EPTA terms.