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FAQs - Form 8955-SSA - When the benefits of a deferred vested participant are transferred from one plan to another, how do I report the participant?

In this case, the plan administrators of both the transferor plan and the transferee plan should report information regarding the plan participant. See Form 8955-SSA Instructions, Transfer of a Participant’s Benefit to a New Plan. The plan administrator of the plan transferring the benefits, should report on Part III, Line 9, Code D that the participant’s benefits have been paid out or the participant is no longer entitled to those deferred vested benefits. The administrator of the plan receiving the transfer should report either on Part III, Line 9, Code C (where the participant was previously reported by the transferor plan and the plan administrator of the transferee plan has received all necessary information from the transferor plan) or on Part III, Line 9, Code A (where the participant had not previously been reported or information was not provided).

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