Qualified Joint & Survivor Annuities in Money Purchase Plans


During its qualified joint & survivor annuities (QJSA) project, the Employee Plans Compliance Unit (EPCU) looked at money purchase plan sponsors whose Form 5500-SF showed distributions during the plan year.

Project goals

EPCU designed the project to determine whether money purchase plan sponsors:

  • distributed benefits to married participants as a QJSA, or
  • obtained spousal consent before distributing benefits to married participants in a form other than a QJSA, such as a single lump sum.

Project results

Most plan sponsors complied with the QJSA notice and consent requirements for plan distributions; however, the EPCU did find some sponsors that didn’t:

  • secure spousal consent when the participant waived the QJSA, or
  • ensure that a plan representative or notary public witnessed the consent.

Planning tips

If plan sponsors make distributions from a money purchase pension plan to married participants without obtaining spousal consent, the plan will have operational mistakes that may lead to plan disqualification. Sponsors can fix this failure through the Employee Plans Compliance Resolution System (EPCRS).

Consult with your benefits professional to ensure that you have administrative procedures in place to prevent these operational errors. If you find errors, take prompt action to correct them.

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Additional resources

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