This five-year strategic plan provides a blueprint for our continued organizational success, and we are excited and confident in our ability to tackle the challenges of tomorrow. A tireless dedication to providing a high-quality taxpayer experience, a determined approach to enforcement, a commitment to our people in fostering an inclusive workplace and an organizational transformation to meet critical and future needs will enable the IRS to play its vital role in American government and society. This plan sets the vision for the IRS’s future direction, and will be the foundational element for our ongoing annual planning process, including what key projects and initiatives IRS will support over the next five years.

We acknowledge it is our responsibility to operate with the utmost integrity, accountability and transparency. Despite the challenges ahead— including changes in tax law, evolving technology, staffing challenges, cybersecurity risks and fiscal uncertainty—we have confidence we can continue to deliver on our mission through a steadfast execution of this strategy. Americans deserve nothing short of excellence, and we stand ready to deliver.

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“We respect and proudly serve all taxpayers, none more or less so than any other. We must operate from their perspective, through their eyes, enhancing their experiences while striving to provide clear, meaningful guidance and services, in the language of their choice, wherever possible.”

-Chuck Rettig, IRS Commissioner

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