Уведомление. Ретроспективное содержание

Это архивный или ретроспективный документ, который может не отражать действующее законодательство, политику или процедуры.


Name and address of the reporting corporation:

Hungarian Telephone and Cable Corp.

1201 Third Avenue, Suite 3400
Seattle, WA 98101-3034

Date of transaction:


Description of the transaction

Reorganization involving exchange of HTCC shares for Invitel Holdings shares.

Did the reporting corporation’s shareholders receive any stock or other property in exchange for their stock in  the reporting corporation, for which the reporting corporation has reasonably determined that the shareholders are required to recognize gain (if any).from the exchange of such stock?


Fair market value of the stock or other property received


Description of the stock or other property received

Ordinary shares of Invitel Holdings A/S