Hi, I’m Thomas and I work for the IRS.
I got an e-mail that said it was from the IRS.
It said I had a refund coming and to fill out a form with my bank account number.     
You know, so they could put the money in my account right away.
Now, I know that an unexpected e-mail that says it’s from the IRS is a scam, but others might be tempted to check it out. 
Clicking a link or opening an attachment could download malicious software onto your computer.
That could allow the sender to access your passwords, bank information, and other things on your computer.
And then they can steal your identity or your money.
Bottom line -- it’s a scam.
The IRS does not initiate contact with taxpayers through e-mail. 
Learn more at www.IRS.gov.  Keyword: “Phishing”