Return Preparer Requirements Background and News


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Civil and Criminal Actions

Civil and criminal actions against tax return preparers

News Releases

IR-2014-75 (6/26/14): New IRS Filing Season Program Unveiled for Tax Return Preparers

FS-2014-8 (6/30/14): IRS Unveils Filing Season Program for Tax Return Preparers, Answers Frequently Asked Questions

IR-2013-85 (10/31/13): 2014 PTIN Renewal Period Underway for Tax Professionals

IR-2012-103 (12/20/12): Tax Preparers Must Renew Their PTINs and Those Required to Take the RTRP Test Should Schedule It As Soon As Possible

IR-2012-79 (10/22/12): PTIN Renewal Period Underway for All Tax Professionals; Registered Tax Return Preparer Candidates Urged to Schedule Tests

IR-2012-59 (6/5/12): IRS Marks Third Anniversary of Return Preparer Review; Urges Required Preparers to Take Competency Test as Soon as Possible

IR-2012-32 (3/9/12): IRS Sends Test Results; First Registered Tax Return Preparer Certificates

IR-2012-18 (2/10/12): IRS Reminds Preparers and Providers of New Continuing Education Requirements

IR-2011-119 (12/15/11): IRS Urges Preparers to Renew PTINs for 2012

IR-2011-115 (12/6/11): IRS Announces Standards for Continuing Education Providers and Accrediting Organizations

IR-2011-111 (11/22/11): IRS Moves to Next Phase of Return Preparer Initiative; New Competency Test to Begin

FS-2011-12 (11/22/11): Registered Tax Return Preparer Test Explained

IR-2011-105 (10/20/11): IRS Begins PTIN Renewals for 2012 Filing Season (En español)

IR-2011-100 (10/12/11): IRS Urges Tax Professionals to Prepare Now for New e-File Rules (En español)

IR-2011-96 (9/21/11): IRS Issues Guidance to Further Implement Return Preparer Oversight (En español)

IRS Statement: Selection of Vendor for Continuing Education Provider Application/Renewal System (9/15/11)

IR-2011-89 (9/6/11): IRS Releases Specifications for Registered Tax Return Preparer Test (En español)

IR-2011-74 (07/12/11): IRS Identifies 100,000 Preparers Who Failed to Follow New PTIN Rules

IRS Statement: RFP Related to Continuing Education Provider Approvals (6/30/11)

IRS Statement: Selection of Vendors for Return Preparer Testing and Fingerprinting Programs (4/26/11)

IR-2011-47 (4/25/11) IRS Begins Enforcement of New Return Preparer Rules

IR-2011-22 (3/4/11): March IRS Live Webinar Focuses on Requirements for Federal Tax Return Preparers

Tax Tip 2011-06: Points to Keep in Mind When Choosing A Tax Preparer

IR-2010-123 (12/14/10) IRS Reminds Paid Tax Preparers to Register Now for PTINs

IR-2010-121 (12/7/10) IRS Releases Proposed Regulations that Would Reduce Enrolled Agent Fees

IR-2010-118 (12/2/10) IRS Continues Efforts to Ensure Accurate Return Preparation; Reminds Tax Preparers to Sign Up for PTINs

IR-2010-116 (12/1/10): Starting in 2011, Many Paid Preparers Must e-File Federal Income Tax Returns for Individuals, Estates and Trusts

Tax Tip 2010-13 (11/15/10): What Every Tax Return Preparer Needs to Know about Applying for a PTIN

IR-2010-106 (10/25/10): IRS Begins Notifying Tax Return Preparers on PTIN Renewals (En español)

IR-2010-99 (9/28/10): New Online Registration System for Paid Tax Return Preparers Is Now Available (En español)

IR-2010-91 (8/19/10): IRS Announces New Return Preparer Application System and User Fee; IRS Also Releases Proposed Regulations to Amend Circular 230 Rules (En español)

IR-2010-86 (7/22/10) IRS Releases Proposed Regulations Related to Fees for Preparer Tax Identification Numbers (En español)

IR-2010-70 (6/1/10) IRS presents IRS Live – New Requirements for Tax Return Preparers – Learn the Who, What, When and How

IR-2010-44 (4/7/10) IRS Continues to Increase Oversight of Tax Return Preparers to Improve Compliance, Taxpayer Service

IR-2010-37 (3/25/10) IRS Provides Guidance on Identifying Numbers for Tax Return Preparers (En español)

IR-2010-1 (1/4/10) IRS Proposes New Registration, Testing and Continuing Education Requirements for Tax Return Preparers Not Already Subject to Oversight (En español)

IR-2009-80 (9/11/09) IRS Seeks Comments from Software Industry and Unenrolled Preparers at Upcoming Public Forum to Improve Tax Preparer Standards

IR-2009-74 (8/17/09) IRS Seeks Comments from Government Agencies at Upcoming Public; Forum on Proposals to Advance Tax Preparer Performance Standards

IR-2009-68 (7/24/09) IRS Seeks Public Comment for Proposals to Boost Tax Preparer Performance Standards (En español)

IR-2009-66 (7/14/09): Tax Preparer Review; Public Forums to Gather Input this Summer

IR-2009-57 (6/4/09): IRS Launches Tax Return Preparer Review; Recommendations to Improve Compliance Expected by Year End
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