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Compliance Statistics

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If you're looking for data on general IRS operations, budget, and compliance, this is the section for you. Within this section, you can learn about taxpayer refunds, IRS collections, law enforcement, taxpayer assistance, system management, and compliance.

Below are links to the topics within this section, as well as some examples of what you can find within each topic.

Assisting Taxpayers • Assistance & education programs
• Post-filing assistance program
Collecting Revenue • Gross collections
• Number of returns filed
• Number of returns filed electronically
• Return filing projections
Data by State • Returns filed, taxes collected and refunds by state, IRS Data Book—fiscal year 2008
Enforcing Laws • Examination coverage
• Tax-exempt organizations examined
• Delinquent collection activities
• Criminal investigation program
Issuing Refunds • Number of refunds issued
• Total dollars refunded
• Information on historical IRS tax refunds
• Individual income tax refund offsets
Budget & Workforce • Costs incurred by the IRS
• Appeals workload
• IRS personnel summary
• Internal audits and security activities
IRS Tax Compliance Reports

• Report to Congress on:

• IRS compliance activity
• Earned Income Tax Credit
• National Research Program

Taxpayer Compliance Research • Tax gap—estimate of un-filed returns and lost revenue
• Determinants of compliance
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