SOI Tax Stats - Contact and Product Information


Statistics of Income (SOI) data are available in electronic formats and in printed publications. For further information on any of SOI's products and services, or for answers to questions on the availability of SOI data, other statistical services, or release dates for data, contact SOI Statistical Information Services (SIS):

Statistical Information Services
Statistics of Income Division
Internal Revenue Service
P.O. Box 2608 • Washington, DC 20013-2608
(202) 874-0410 • Fax: (202) 874-0964
SIS email


Products Available From SOI


Many of SOI’s data files are available for sale on CDROM, diskette, tape, or via e-mail through the Statistical Information Services Office. Prepayment is required for orders of $100 or more, with checks made payable to the IRS Accounting Section or by credit or debit card with an SOI invoice number, provided to you by Statistical Information Services (SIS). Contact SIS for information on specific products, prices, sources, media, and ordering instructions.

Payments for SOI Data