SOI Tax Stats - Tax Stats Table Wizard

The Statistics of Income (SOI) Tax Stats Table Wizard

The Tax Stats Table Wizard will enable you to design your own customized data tables.

The data presented in the Tax Stats Table Wizard are the products of the Statistics of Income Division of the Internal Revenue Service. There are two types of data available. The first type is aggregated data, formatted to prevent the disclosure of private taxpayer information. This formatting includes specific notations in the table which note the combination and/or suppression of certain data points. (These notations are explained in the table footnotes.) The second type is public-use microdata which are not subject to disclosure concerns.


Data available on the Table Wizard include:



Includes statistics on income, deductions, tax, credits, and more as reported by corporations filing on Forms 1120 and 1120s and associated schedules.


Includes statistics on income, deductions, tax, and credits reported on individual (Form 1040) income tax returns and associated schedules.


Includes statistics on the Foreign Tax Credit (Form 1118), Controlled Foreign Corporations and Partnerships (Form 5471), and International Boycott Reports (Form 5713).

Tax-Exempt Organizations

Includes statistics on Tax-Exempt Organizations (Form 990), Private Foundations (Form 990-PF), Unrelated Business Income (Form 990-T), State and Local Bonds (Form 8038), as well as Split-Interest Trusts (Form 5227).

Estates, Gifts, and Trusts

Includes statistics on Estates (Form 706), Gifts (Form 709), and Income from Estates and Trusts (Form 1041).


Once you've created a custom Table, you may download the data in .XLS, .CSV, .RTF, or .PDF file formats. If you have any questions or would like to report a problem with the Tax Stats Table Wizard, send an email to SOITableWizard.