Tax Exempt Bonds Phase II Training Information


Lesson 1 – Review of Arbitrage and Rebate  PDF
This lesson provides an overview of the two arbitrage systems of yield restriction and arbitrage rebate.

Lesson 2 – Advanced Topics in Arbitrage  PDF
This lesson explores the elements of arbitrage and rebate. The computation of the correct bond yield is vital in determining compliance with yield restriction rules, arbitrage rebate rules and certain private activity bond tests.

Lesson 3 – Review of Government Bonds and 501(c)(3) Bonds  PDF
This lesson discusses government bonds and private activity bonds.

Lesson 4 – General Rules for Private Activity Bonds  PDF
This lesson discusses the requirements of a qualified private activity bond.

Lesson 5 – Qualified Small Issue Bonds  PDF
This lesson continues the discussion of qualified private activity bonds by focusing on qualified small issue bonds.

Lesson 6 – Exempt Facility Bonds  PDF
This lesson defines and identifies each type of exempt facility and describes their requirements of each type of exempt facility bonds.

Lesson 7 – Qualified Redevelopment Bonds  PDF
This lesson discusses bonds issued to redevelop blighted areas and the criteria to satisfy requirements for a qualified redevelopment bond.

Lesson 8 – Qualified Mortgage Bonds  PDF
This lesson covers a type of qualified private activity bond that satisfies the private loan financing test - qualified mortgage bonds.

Lesson 9 – Qualified Student Loan Bonds and Qualified Scholarship Funding Bonds  PDF
This lesson discusses two types of qualified private activity bonds - qualified student loan and qualified scholarship funding bonds.

Lesson 10 – Change in Use Rules for Private Activity Bonds  PDF
This lesson discusses post-issuance events and how they affect the tax-exempt status of certain private activity bonds.

Lesson 11 – Qualified Tax Credit Bonds  PDF
Qualified tax credit bonds are bonds issued under Internal Revenue Code Section 54A that allow a credit to investors that hold such bond on one or more of the quarterly credit allowance dates.

Lesson 12 – Tribal Bonds PDF 
This lesson covers the general rules that apply to tax-exempt bonds issued by Indian tribal governments, including tribal economic development bonds which were created by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

Lesson 13 – Targeted Revitalization Bonds  PDF
This lesson will identify when qualified Gulf Opportunity Zone Bonds will be treated as either exempt facility bonds or qualified mortgage bonds.

Lesson 14 – Miscellaneous Bonds  PDF
This lesson discusses certain types of bonds that are governed by very specific provisions in the Internal Revenue Code. Bonds such as enterprise facility bonds, volunteer fire department bonds, qualified green building and sustainable design project bonds or recovery zone facility bonds may not be issued as often as other types of bonds.