Tax Exempt Bonds Phase III Training Texts


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Lesson 1 – Refundings PDF
This lesson provides a detailed review of both current and advance refundings, including the rules in Section 149(d) that apply to advance refundings.

Lesson 2 - Reissuances PDF
This lesson will discuss the reissuance rules, the consequences of reissuance, and the consequences of extinguishment of bonds.

Lesson 3 - Pooled Financing Issues PDF
This lesson discusses the rules for pooled financing issues. This lesson does not discuss the rules for mortgage and student loan pooled issues.

Lesson 4 - TEB International U.S. Territories/Possessions PDF
This lesson discusses how nongovernmental organizations formed in a U.S. territory are treated differently for tax purposes from those formed in a U.S. state or the District of Columbia and those formed in a foreign country.

Lesson 5 – Fraud PDF
This lesson provides an overview of fraud, defines and details the elements of fraud, and outlines procedures that Examiners should follow when a case appears to be potentially fraudulent.

Lesson 6 – Section 6700 Penalty PDF
This lesson discusses the penalty imposed in Section 6700 as it applies to transactions within the scope of enforcement responsibilities assigned to the Tax Exempt Bonds program.