2015 IRPAC Public Report Table of Contents


Notice: Historical Content

This is an archival or historical document and may not reflect current law, policies or procedures.

IRPAC Public Report Letter from the Chair (pdf)

Executive Summary of Issues (pdf)

General Report (pdf)

  1. TIN Matching Penalty Relief
  2. W-9 Revision
  3. Assisting SBSE and OSP to Improve the penalty Abatement Process
  4. Suggestions for Improvements to the IRS Use of FAQs

Employer Information Reporting and Burden Reduction Subgroup Report (pdf)

  1. Electronic Transmittal of Employer Withheld IRS Tax Levy Proceeds
  2. Pensions and IRA Complications
  3. Publication 1586 Revision, Reasonable Cause Regulations Requirements for Missing and Incorrect Name/TINs
  4. Theft of Business Taxpayer’s Identity
  5. Publications and Forms Changes
  6. Reporting by Insurance Companies and Third Parties under § 6055 and § 6056
  7. ACA Education

Emerging Compliance Issues Subgroup Report (pdf)

  1. IRC § 6050W and Form 1099-K Reporting
  2. Form 1099-B Aggregate Reporting of Sales
  3. Transfers of Section 1256 Options
  4. Complex Debt Reporting Requirements
  5. Form 1098-T

International Reporting and Withholding Subgroup (pdf)

  1. Notice 2015-10 – Guidance on Refunds and Credits Under Chapter 3 and Chapter 4
  2. Treatment of Negative Interest for U.S. Tax Information
  3. NFFEs Should Have a Single FATCA Status
  4. Can FFI in an “in substance” Model IGA Jurisdiction Be Treated as a PFFI?
  5. Certain Controlling Persons of Non-U.S. Trusts
  6. Eliminate “Reason to Know” Standard for FATCA Reporting Exemption Claims
  7. Meaning of “provided together” Regarding Circumstances Under Which a Form W-8 Remains Valid Indefinitely When Accompanied by Documentary Evidence
  8. Glitch in "paid and received" Requirement for Foreign Source Services Income
  9. Application of US Indicia Rules at Reg. §1.1441-7T(b)(5) to Forms W8-ECI
  10. Form W-8BEN-E, Part III, Line 15 – Treaty Claims (Special Rates and Conditions)
  11. New Limitation on Benefits Certification on 2016 Draft Form 1042-S
  12. Account by Account Reporting on Form 1042-S.
  13. Substitute Form 1042-S Recipient Copies
  14. Can an Entity Listed in Annex II of an IGA Check Comparable Chapter 4 Status Under the Regulations?
  15. Clarify Level of Precision Required for Annex II Claims on Forms W-8 (W-8BEN-E, line 26; W-8EXP, line 15; W-8IMY, line 29)
  16. Tax Form to be Provided to IGA FFI by Foreign Disregarded Entity Owned by US Person
  17. Must Form 8655 be Filed when Agent is Withholding Agent in its Own Right?
  18. Provision of an Option to Principals and Authorized Reporting Agent to Determine Which Party Will be Identified as Withholding Agent on Forms 1042-S
  19. Box 14e of Form W-8IMY when QI Maintains no Accounts of US Non-exempt Recipients
  20. Eliminate "(other than section 501(c) organization)" from Instructions for Line 36 of Form W-8BEN-E

Appendix Contents (pdf)

  • Appendix A (pdf): Notice 2015-27 Recommendations for items that should be included on the 2015-2016 Priority Guidance Plan
  • Appendix B (pdf): 2014 IRPAC Public Report: De Minimis Threshold for Form 1099 Corrections
  • Appendix C (pdf): Questions and Answers about Reporting Social Security Numbers to Your Health Insurance (page from IRS.gov)
  • Appendix D (pdf): Additional IRPAC recommendations made in connection with Chapters 3 and 4
  • Appendix E (pdf): Notice 2015-10 Guidance on Refunds and Credits Under Chapter 3, Chapter 4 and Related Withholding Provisions

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