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Form 8849 Release Memo for TY2015v3.0

Septembe 5, 2014

MeF Excise 8849 Stakeholders:

The posted schema version 2015v3.0 was generated by using the latest schemas in production.  The XML standardization was applied. Included in the 2015v3.0 schema package are "DIFF" files which identify the difference between the 2015v2.0 schema package and 2015v3.0 schema package.

We have created a page to provide additional information relating to the XML standardization effort.  This site includes the XML Workbooks and additional helpful items to assist in the transition process. For more information on the XML standardization effort see the Modernized e-File MeF XML Standardization page.

The Internal Revenue Service is planning to identify and reduce refund fraud by implementing use of a unique identification number (Device ID) that will be transmitted as part of each electronically filed return.  The Service will utilize the Device ID in addition to the key return elements already collected, such as name/social security number/date of birth.  These schema packages include a new Element for a DeviceId entry.

IRS plans to implement a Device ID program for electronic return filers and preparers to be implemented effective July 2015. The Device ID will contain unique data that will be accessed and transmitted by the software used to electronically file the return; it will request unique information (i.e. serial number) of the device (i.e. Computer, Smart Phone, Tablet, etc.) used to submit an electronically filed return.  This unique ID will be masked and transmitted as part of the electronically filed return via IRS’ existing transmission processes.

Device ID was proposed to IRS by the American Coalition for Taxpayer Rights in December 2012 to combat fraudulent refunds. The IRS will not have access to, or store, any device serial numbers.  The serial numbers will be obtained and masked, using the hashing algorithm, as part of the industry’s software programming.  The masked results cannot be reversed to determine the serial number.  Notice of the use of these procedures will be provided to taxpayers in e-file transmitter guidelines (Publication 1345).

If you have any questions about the Schemas or Business Rules, please send your inquiry to the MeF Mailbox.  

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