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Known Issues and Solutions

Known Issues and Solutions are temporary workaround solutions to allow returns to be e-filed.  A separate Known Issues and Solutions file is available for each tax year.  Known Issues and Solutions reference back to Tax Year 2006 prepared in 2007.


Archive Files for Known Issues and Solutions
Tax Year Known Issue File by Form Family
2016 1120/1065/7004/1040/1040NR/4868/990/1120POL/8868/94x/1041
2015 1120/1065/7004/1040/4868/990/1120POL/8868/94x/1041
2014 1120/1065/7004/1040/4868/990/1120POL/8868/94x/1041
2013 1120/1065/7004/1040/4868/990/1120POL/8868/94x/1041
2012 1120/1065/7004/1040/4868/990/1120POL/8868
2011 1120/1065/7004/1040/4868
2010 1120/1065/7004/1040/4868
2009 1120/1065/7004
2008 1120/1065/7004
2007 1120/1065/7004
2006 1120/1065/7004

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