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Release Memo for Prior Year Schemas and Business Rules Updated with XML Standardization Change Version 5 0

September 05, 2014

MeF Stakeholders,

As notified in the Quick Alert issued June 25, 2014, Prior Year Schemas and a Business Rules Package 
containing XML standardization changes impacting the manifest are being posted. These changes will be 
in effect November 2014 for ATS and January 2015 for production.

XML Schemas

The following prior year schema packages containing diff files for efileAttachments.xsd, 
efileMessageCommon.xsd, and efileMessageIFA.xsd are being posted:

• 1040x_2012v5.0, 1040x_2013v6.0
• 1041_2013v5.0
• 1065x_2012v3.0, 1065x_2013v5.0
• 1120x_2012v3.0, 1120x_2013v4.0, 7004_2013v4.0
• 720_2013Q1v3.0, 720_2013Q2v3.0, 720_2013Q3v2.0, 720_2013Q4v2.0, 2290_2013v3.0, 
8849_2013v3.0, 720_2014Q1v2.0, 720_2014Q2v3.0, 720_2014Q3v3.0, 720_2014Q4v3.0, 
2290_2014v3.0, and 8849_2014v2.0 
• 94xAnnual_2013v6.0, 941xQuarterly_2013v6.0, 941xQuarterly_2014v3.0
• 990N_2012v2.0, 990x_2012v3.0, 1120POL_2012v2.0, 990N_2013v3.0, 990x_2013v4.0, 
1120POL_2013v3.0, 8868_2013v3.0

Please note that 2350, 9465, 56, and 4868 prior year schemas are not impacted by XML 
standardization changes as these are extension forms (1040x) or Continuous Use schemas. 
Extensions are not accepted for prior years and Continuous Use forms must use the latest version 
of the schema available for production.

Business Rules

On August 1st we posted the 16 business rules that were impacted by XML standardization. 
On September 5, 2014, we are posting the full package for the Form 1041 that includes the 
16 updated rules. The updated rules package will be used for ATS begins in November 3, 2014 
and in Production in January, 2015.

If you have any questions about the Schemas or Business Rules, please send your inquiry to the MeF Mailbox.

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