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Schemas, Business Rules, and Release Memo for MeF Form 1040 Series Tax Year 2015 Version 3.1


Posting Date 12/04/2015
ATS Date 12/28/2015
Production Date 01/19/2016


Release Memo, Schemas and Business Rules
Release Memo (Revised 12/30/2015)

Form 1040 Schemas are available to Authorized Users listed on e-File applications

for Transmitters, Software Developers and States.  Please contact the MeF Mailbox

with the Company Name, your Authorized User role and ETIN to request the

Tax Year 2015 Schemas.

Business Rules (CSV and PDF Format) (12/11/2015)

1040 Business Rules Change Page (Revision 01/21/2016)

1040A Business Rules Change Page (Revision 01/21/2016)

1040SS(PR) Business Rules Change Page (01/07/2016)

Tax Year 2015 MeF Schemas and Business Rules for MeF 1040 Series

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