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ACE Those Deductions: Schedules A, C, and E Hot Button Issues

Achieving Balance: Delivering Great Service without Sacrificing Quality

Assisting Clients Who Have Experienced Domestic Violence and Abuse

Be An Educated Preparer on Education Credits

Changes to the Innocent Spouse Relief Program

A Crash Course in Retirement Plan Contributions in 3D

Current Estate and Gift Tax Issues

Did You Know - 1041

Documenting S Corporation Shareholder Basis As Protection Against an IRS Audit

Doing the Right Thing: TIGTA, Integrity, and You

EITC Made Easy

Employment Tax Issues

Examination Representation 101

Exit Strategy - For the Tax Pro

Expand Your Business: Become a Reporting Agent and Hop Aboard Employment Tax e-file

Heads Up!  Keeping Current on Exempt Organizations

Helping Your Clients Understand their Rights

How Far Can You Go?

Meeting Your EITC Due Diligence

New Schedule D - In the Real World!

New Schedule E - In the Real World!

Owe Taxes?  A Collection Guide to Payment Options and Solutions

Overview of Circular 230 and the Office of Professional Responsibility for the Newly (or Aspiring) Registered/Enrolled Practitioner

Overview of 2012 Income Tax Law Changes

Professional Tax Practice Responsibilities - Circular 230: A Case Study

Real Estate Concerns for Individuals

Refund Offset and Injured Spouse

Reporting Cash Transactions and Foreign Financial Accounts (Foreign Bank Account Reports "FBAR")

Schedule C Issues Facing the Tax Professional

Taxing Matter - Retirement

Trust Fund Recovery Penalty; Do You Know How to Navigate Appeals Examination When the Stakes are High? (Part 1)

Trust Fund Recovery Penalty; Do You Know How to Navigate Appeals Collection When the Stakes are High? (Part 2)

Understanding Merchant Card, Third Party Network Payments and Basis Reporting

Understanding When a Taxpayer Should Be Issued a Form W-2 vs. Form 1099 MISC

Update from the IRS Return Preparer Office

What Every Tax Return Preparer Needs to Know about Key Circular 230 Provisions

What is an ITIN?   /   ¿Que es Un ITIN?

Withholding and Reporting on Payments to Foreign Partners and other Foreign Entities