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Presentations from the 2013 IRS Nationwide Tax Forums

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Advising Victims of Tax Identity Theft

Automated Underreporter and Correspondence Examinations

Balancing Client Demands with a Complex Tax System: Finding Your Ethical Compass

Child-Related Tax Benefits

Collection Appeals Program (CAP):  Do You Know What to Expect During a CAP Appeal? (The)

Collection Compass: Plotting a Course to Resolution (The)

Collection: Alternatives for Your Small Business Clients

Dealing with SFRs and ASFR – Substitute for Returns – IRC 6020(b)

Depreciation (Presented in Spanish)

Depreciation (Presented in English)

Doing the Right Thing: Integrity, TIGTA and You

Employment Tax Issues

Everything You Don’t Know (but Should) About Schedule D and Capital Gains Reporting

Grab the Money and Run? Retirement Plan Loans and Hardship Distributions

Health Care-Related Tax Provisions That Affect Businesses

Health Care-Related Tax Provisions That Affect Individuals

Identity Theft: How the IRS Protects Taxpayers and Helps Victims

ITINs and Filing a Tax Return: Advocating for Your Client During the ITIN Application Process

Keeping Up with EITC Due Diligence

Like-Kind Exchanges

Limited Liability Companies

New Form 706 (The)

New Roth Conversion Opportunities and Other Retirement Curveballs (2013)

Overview of 2013 Tax Changes

Overview of Circular 230 and the Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) for New Tax Professionals (An)

Overview of Fiduciary Income Taxation

Post Appeals Mediation (PAM): Do You Know What to Expect During PAM?

Preparer Penalties - Are You at Risk? Protecting Your Practice and Your Client

Preparing Late-Filed Returns – Better Late Than…

Professional Tax Practice Responsibilities - Circular 230 - A Case Study

Rental Real Estate: Exception to the Passive Activity Loss Rules

Reporting Cash Transactions and Foreign Financial Accounts (Foreign Bank Account Reports – FBAR)

Return Preparer Fraud: Remedies for the Taxpayer

Schedule C Issues Facing the Tax Professional

Self-Rental Tax Dilemmas - Are You in Danger? Is Your Client?

Tax Professional’s Guide to the Substantiation of Business Expense Deductions (The)

Theft Losses

Third-Party Transcript Requests

Using Bankruptcy to Provide Relief from Tax Debt

What Every Tax Professional Needs to Know About Key Circular 230 Provisions