Presentations from the 2015 IRS Nationwide Tax Forums


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ABCs of the Premium Tax Credit (The)PDF

Advantages and Disadvantages of Electing to be Taxed as an S-CorporationPDF

Advocating for Injured and Innocent Spouse ReliefPDF

Appeals: Navigating Collection Cases through the Appeals ProcessPDF

Appeals: Navigating Examination Cases through the Appeals ProcessPDF

Automated Underreporter and Correspondence ExamPDF

Bankruptcy Developments & UpdatesPDF

CDP Balancing Test: Advocating for your clients before IRS Office of Appeals in Collection Due Process HearingsPDF

Choosing the Correct Filing Status and Determining Your Qualified DependentsPDF

Client Consents and Disclosures - "How To" for the Tax ProfessionalPDF

Common Foreclosure and Cancellation of Debt Issues for Real PropertyPDF

Depreciation & BasisPDF

Don't Flunk Out on Education CreditsPDF

EITC Due Diligence - It's Everyone's BusinessPDF

Emerging Issues in Tax Practice Due DiligencePDF

Employee Business Expenses/Home Office Deduction (In English)PDF

Employee Business Expenses/Home Office Deduction (In Spanish)

Employer Shared Responsibility Provisions and Information Returns for Tax Year 2015 - What You Need to Know (The)PDF

Employment Tax UpdatesPDF

Five Clues That You Might Have a Toxic ClientPDF

Helping the Identity Theft VictimPDF

Highlights of the 2015 Income Tax Law ChangesPDF

Is this Gross Income? - You Might be SurprisedPDF

Math Error Notices: Ignore at Your Own PerilPDF

Offers in Compromise: Advocating for Victims of Payroll Service Provider FailuresPDF

Payroll Pointers for Filers of Forms W-2/W-3PDF

Preventing and Detecting Identity Theft: Partnering with the IRS to Meet the ChallengePDF

Primer on International FormsPDF

Rethinking the Analysis to Expense or Capitalize Under the New "Repair" RegulationsPDF

Schedule C Issues Facing the Tax ProfessionalPDF

Schedule EPDF

SEP and SIMPLE IRA Plans - Avoiding PitfallsPDF

So You Think Circular 230 Doesn't Matter to Return Preparers?  Think AgainPDF

TIGTA and You: Protecting Clients and TaxpayersPDF

Update from the IRS Return Preparer OfficePDF

Updates to Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program (OVDP) and Streamlined Filing ProgramPDF

What to Know When You OwePDF

Withholding Agent CompliancePDF

Working Electronically with the Social Security Administration - Filing FormsPDF