Presentations from the 2016 IRS Nationwide Tax Forums


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Advocating for Your Client in Cases Involving Penalty Issues PDF

Advocating for Your Client Using the Taxpayer Bill of Rights PDF

Advocating in Gross Income and Trade and Business Expense Cases PDF

Affordable Care Act (ACA) Employer and Coverage Provider Information Reporting Requirements PDF

Affordable Care Act (ACA) Employer Provisions PDF

Basis, Basis, Basis for S Corporation Shareholders - How it Affects the Client! PDF

Data Compromises PDF

Due Diligence for Practitioners in the Real World! PDF

Emerging Issues in Tax Practice Due Diligence PDF

Employment Tax Issues PDF

Fixing Missed Deadlines PDF

For Profit Activity or Hobby PDF

Foreign Information Reporting - Form 1042-S and Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act (FIRPTA) PDF

Foreign Tax Credit for Individuals PDF

Health Care Law and Taxes for Individuals and Families PDF

Highlights of 2016 Income Tax Law Changes PDF

Identity Theft: Is Your Office The Next "Goldmine?" - From a Practitioner's View PDF

Identity Theft - The Security Summit Initiative PDF

Identity Theft - Victim Assistance Update PDF

Information for Return Preparers with International Clients PDF

IRS Future State Initiative PDF

IRS Return Preparer Office: What You Should Know About What We Do PDF

Is Your Case Ready for Appeals? (Collection Edition) PDF

Is Your Case Ready for Appeals? (Examination Edition) PDF

Knowing Collection in 2016 PDF

Material Participation, Re-Characterization and Activity-Based Reporting Under IRC 469 PDF

Nonresident Alien, Resident Alien or U.S. Citizen PDF

Payroll Pointers for Filers of Forms W-2/W-3 PDF

Professional Tax Practice Responsibilities - Conflicts of Interest PDF

Recent Developments in Estate and Gift Tax PDF

Refundable Credits - New Rules, New Laws - Learn What's Changed for Your Client PDF

Responding to IRS Penalties PDF

S Corporation Shareholder Stock Basis PDF

Schedule C Issues Facing the Tax Professional PDF

SEP and SIMPLE IRA Plans: Strategies for Making Correct Contributions and Deductions PDF

Staying Afloat: Find and Repair Leaks in Your Tax Practice Quality Control System PDF

The Tax Professional's Guide to Understanding the Importance of the Substantiation of Business Expense Deductions PDF

TIGTA and You: Protecting the Integrity of Federal Tax Administration PDF

Time to Pay the Piper - New Partnership Audit Rules and the Impact on Entities of All Sizes PDF

With Charity for All - With Deductions for Some PDF

Working Electronically with the Social Security Administration - Filing Forms W-2/W-3 and Verifying Names and Numbers PDF

You Mean That's Taxable? A Primer on the Shared Economy and Taxes PDF

Your Due Diligence Requirements: What's New for You in 2017 PDF