Presentations from the 2017 IRS Nationwide Tax Forums

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Advanced Rental Real Estate Issues

Advocating for Clients Whose Accounts were Assigned by the IRS to a Private Collection Agency

Advocating for Your Client in Cases Involving Trade and Business Expenses – Hobby Losses

Advocating for Your Client in Issues Flowing from the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA)

Business Use of Home Including the Shared Economy

Calculating the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion for Self-Employed Individuals

Charitable Contribution Supporting Documents

Data Compromises: A Tax Professionals’ Nightmare

Dealing with the Partnership K-1 on the 1040 – What You Really Need to Know!

Form 1042 and Form 1042-S Compliance

Foreign Tax Credit (FTC) Common Issues

Form 4797:  Mysteries, Myths and Methods

Gig Economy is Here to Stay: What Tax Pros Need to Know (The)

Highlights of 2017 Tax Law Changes

Identity Theft II

IRS and Security Summit Updates: Making Progress Against Identity Theft

IRS Audits – Triggers and Tips

IRS Future State: Working with You to Transform a Vision into Action

IRS Notices Issued after Filing Information Returns (CP2100 or Notice 972CG) – What to Do and How to Respond

ITIN Program Changes – Implementation of the PATH Act 

Keeping Up With Your Due Diligence

One Year Down, But Wait! There's More on Refundable Credits Due Diligence

OPR Discipline – What You Need to Know

Practitioner’s Look at Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) and Their Tax Entities (A)

Preparer Risk: When a Practice Problem Becomes an Ethics Problem

Representing Taxpayers in Collection Matters before the IRS

Retirement Plan Distributions and Related Taxes

Schedule C Issues Facing the Tax Professional

Tax Professional's Guide to Understanding the Importance of the Substantiation of Business Expense Deductions (The)

TIGTA: Helping You and Your Clients Steer Clear of the Latest Frauds, Scams and Swindles

Understanding Collection

Understanding the Formation of a C Corporation and the Preparation of the IRS Form 1120

Understanding Multi-Cultural Clients, Credits and Challenges

When Tax Prep Meets Tax Court: Essential Cases for Form 1040 Preparers

Working with the IRS Office of Appeals – What to Expect in Collection Appeals

Working with the IRS Office of Appeals – What to Expect in Examination Appeals

Your Client Said They Had the Documents, Now Where Are They? Refundable Credits Audits