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Enforcement Actions Taken on Identity Theft Investigations - January 2013

During the month of January 2013, IRS Criminal Investigation took the following enforcement actions against individuals who committed, or are alleged to have committed, identity theft. Below are press releases from the Department of Justice, Tax Division, or the U.S. Attorneys' offices where the enforcement actions took place. The below releases are not all inclusive of criminal actions taken across the United States. 

Release Date City & State Where Release was Issued Title of Release
02/08/13 Detroit, Mich. Federal Agencies Announce Cracking Down on Identity Theft
02/04/13 Montgomery, Ala. Family Members Sentenced in Alabama in $1.9 Million Stolen Identity Refund Fraud Scheme
02/04/13 Montgomery, Ala. Alabama Woman Pleads Guilty in a Stolen Identity Refund Fraud Scheme
02/01/13 Tallahassee, Fla. Tallahassee Tax Preparer Indicted for Tax Fraud and Identity Theft
02/01/13 Atlanta, Ga. Feds Target Stolen Identity Tax Refund Fraud
02/01/13 Brownsville, Texas 5 Area Residents Charged in Tax Fraud Scheme
02/01/13 Anchorage, Alaska Defendant Sentenced to Nearly Five Years for Role in Tax Fraud and Drug Conspiracies
01/31/13 Nashville, Tenn. Two Florida Individuals Indicted for Aggravated Identity Theft in Connection with the Filing of False Tax Returns
01/31/13 Ocala, Fla. Woman Indicted in Ocala For Theft Of Nearly $1 Million Dollars Of Treasury Department Funds
01/31/13 Columbus, Ohio Two Charged with Using Stolen Identities to File Fraudulent Income Tax Returns Claiming More Than $1.3 Million in Refund
01/31/13 Tampa, Fla. Tampa Man Pleads Guilty in Tax Fraud Scheme
01/31/13 Tampa, Fla. Woman Indicted for Theft of Government Property
01/31/13 Providence, R.I. Two Charged in Federal Indictments for Alleged Embezzlement of Federal Tax Checks
01/31/13 Portland, Ore. Oregon Man Indicted for Tax Fraud and Identity Theft
01/30/31 Newark, N.J. Bergen County, N.J., Man Admits his Role in Large-Scale Identity Theft Ring and Tax Evasion
01/30/13 Jackson, Miss. Six Charged in Identity Theft Conspiracy
01/30/13 Macon, Ga. Georgia Tax Return Preparer Sentenced to Jail for Identity Theft
01/30/13 Pensacola, Fla. Four More Indicted in Fraudulent Prisoner Income Tax Refund Scheme  
01/30/13 Roanoke, Va. Husband and Wife Sentenced on Fraud Charges
01/29/13 Bowling Green, Ky. Todd County, Kentucky Woman Sentenced for Filing False Income Tax Returns and Identity Theft
01/29/13 Augusta, Ga. 12 Georgia Residents Indicted on Tax Fraud and Identity Theft Charges
01/29/13 Augusta, Ga. Ex-Augusta Tax Preparer Sentenced to 41 Months in Prison for Preparing False Tax Returns
01/29/13 Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Fort Lauderdale Woman Convicted in Identity Theft Tax Refund Fraud Scheme Involving the Filing of Approximately 2,000 Fraudulent Tax Returns Seeking s Million Dollars in Refunds
01/29/13 San Juan, Puerto Rico Dominican National Sentenced to 63 Months in Prison for Leading Role in Identity Trafficking Scheme
01/29/13 Boston, Mass. Tax Preparer Sentenced to More Than Five Years for Identity Theft and Tax Fraud
01/29/13 Montgomery, Ala. Alabama State Employee Indicted for Identity Theft
01/29/13 Newark, N.J. Essex County, N.J., Man Indicted for Using Stolen Identities to Obtain Tax Refund Checks
01/29/13 Tallahassee, Fla. Three Federally Indicted in Tax Refund Scheme
01/29/13 Tallahassee, Fla. Tallahassee Man Indicted for Tax Fraud
01/29/13 Los Angeles, Calif. Montclair Man Pleads Guilty to Tax and Identity Theft Charges
01/29/13 Montgomery, Ala. Alabama Employee Indicted for Providing Names to a Million Dollar Identity Theft Scheme
01/29/13 Montgomery, Ala. Alabama Woman Indicted for Her Role in a Million Dollar Identity Theft Scheme
01/29/13 Montgomery, Ala. Alabama Woman Indicted for Stolen Identity Refund Fraud
01/29/13 Tallahassee, Fla. Four Indicted in Tax Fraud Scheme
01/28/13 Greenbelt, Md. Two Brothers Indicted for Tax Fraud and Identity Theft
01/28/13 Baltimore, Md. Owings Mills Woman Indicted in Tax Fraud Scheme
01/28/13 Panama City, Fla. Man Pleads Guilty to Inmate Tax Fraud Scheme
01/28/13 Orlando, Fla. Orlando Man Pleads Guilty to Tax Fraud Scheme Involving Refunds
01/28/13 Dallas, Texas Federal Grand Jury Indicts North Texas Men in $2.6 Million Stolen Refund Identity Theft Fraud Conspiracy
01/28/13 Minneapolis, Minn. Three tax preparers indicted for preparing false tax returns
01/28/13 Los Angeles, Calif. Former Los Angeles County Employee Pleads Guilty to Identity Theft Scam
01/25/13 Tallahassee, Fla. South Florida Man Sentenced To Four Years In Federal Prison For Income Tax Fraud
01/25/13 Miami, Fla. Judge Sentences Miami Men for December 2010 Murder of Postal Worker in Identity Theft Scheme
01/24/13 San Francisco, Calif. Pittsburg Woman Sentenced To 18 Months In Prison For Filing Tax Returns Using Stolen Identities
01/24/13 Jacksonville, Fla. Gainesville Woman Sentenced to Federal Prison On Identity Theft and Fraud Charges
01/18/13 Philadelphia, Pa. Police Officer Charged with his Brother in Alleged Tax Fraud
01/17/13 South Bend, Ind. Federal Grand Jury Returns Indictment
01/17/13 Tucson, Ariz. Fraudulent Tax Return Scheme Nets Prison Term
01/17/13 Macon, Ga. Cordele, Georgia, Resident Indicted for Using Stolen Identities on False Tax Returns
01/17/13 Montgomery, Ala. Alabama Residents Indicted Stolen Identity Refund Fraud Conspiracy
01/16/13 Buffalo, N.Y. Hamburg Woman Indicted on Fraud and Tax Charges
01/16/13 Phoenix, Ariz. Pennsylvania Man Sentenced to Prison for Filing Fraudulent Tax Returns
01/15/13 Riverside, Calif. California Tax Return Preparer Pleads Guilty to Tax Refund Conspiracy
01/11/13 Cleveland, Ohio Four More Sentenced in Case of Filing Fraudulent Tax Returns in the Name of Deceased People
01/10/13 Boston, Mass. Two Lawrence Men Arrested for Stealing U.S. Treasury Tax Refunds
01/10/13 Montgomery, Ala. Alabama Man Pleads Guilty to Stolen Identity Refund Fraud
01/08/13 Columbus, Ohio Pair Charged in a $1 Million I.D. Theft and False Income Tax Refund Scheme
01/08/13 Dallas, Texas Kaufman County Man Admits Using Identities of Deceased Persons to Claim Federal Income Tax Refunds
01/07/13 Montgomery, Ala. Georgia Woman Indicted for Stealing Identities to Obtain Tax Refunds
01/04/13 Rochester, N.Y. Rochester Man Pleads Guilty in Large Tax Refund Scheme
01/03/13 Denver, Colo. Colorado Man Pleads Guilty to Conspiracy to Defraud the IRS out of 1.8 Million Dollars


For more information, see the special identity theft section on and IRS Fact Sheet 2013-3, Tips for Taxpayers and Victims about Identity Theft and Tax Returns.

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