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Help for Disaster Victims (ASL) - YouTube video text script

Hi, I’m Patrick and I work for the IRS.
If you are a victim of a severe storm, flood, earthquake, or other disaster, we may be able to help.
If your property is damaged or destroyed, you may be able to claim a casualty loss on your tax return.
That’s a loss that isn’t covered by insurance or other reimbursement.
Also, if your loss occurred in a federally declared disaster area, you have the option of claiming it on either this year’s or last year’s tax return.
This can help put money in your pocket now when you need it most.
In any case, one of the first things to do is inventory your property and take pictures to document your lost or damaged items.
We have workbooks to help you through this process.
We can also supply copies of your tax returns or transcripts to help reconstruct your financial records.
Finally, when disaster strikes, if you owe money to the IRS, or need to file a tax return, contact us, so we can try to help during this difficult time.
We also have free tax help at many of our offices and at temporary Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) disaster recovery centers.
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