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IRS Free File - Less Taxing - :60 RADIO PSA text script

SFX: Nighttime crickets…

JASON: (Whispering) We’re here at the Jones’, where we’ve secretly replaced the paper forms, instructions and stuff they normally use to do their taxes with Free File… let’s see what happens.

AMY/SFX: (Whistling and typing on a computer)

JASON: See, Free File is online, exclusively from the IRS. It’s the completely free way for everyone to prepare and e-file federal taxes.

AMY/SFX: (Whistling and typing on a computer)

JASON: And Free File makes doing taxes far less taxing because it does the hard work for you, with brand-name tax software or online fillable forms.
AMY: (Whistling and typing on a computer)

CHRIS: (enters room, grumpy) Alright, I’m ready to start those taxes…

AMY: Already done… someone ‘secretly’ replaced the paper forms and stuff we normally use with Free File.

CHRIS: Really!? We’re done!? Woo-hoo!

AMY: Done and filed…

JASON: It’s a less taxing way to prepare and e-file taxes… at Free File dot irs dot gov.

AMY: You can stop whispering now...

JASON: That’s ah Free File dot irs dot gov.

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